All PAGG Stack Supplement Ingredients Comparison

As there are 2 bottles of each product, one for the day, the other for the day, we are taking the individual amounts on each bottle. On cases where there are overlap of ingredients, there were no differences in the quantity on both bottle, therefore we only took one unit of it.

Ingredients New Health Solutions Pareto Nutrition Optimal Health Bridge Tim Ferriss’ Recommendation
Policosanol (mg) 25 23 20 20-25
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) in mg 150 215 200 100-300 (Tim takes 300 but 100 is for people with acid reflux)
Green Tea Extract EGCG (mg) 325 325 325 325
Garlic Extract (mg) 200 200 200 200
Biotin (mcg) 200 250 100 -

NOTE: Updated PAGG Stack Ingredients Table.


New Health Solutions’ look the safest for people with acid reflux symptoms. Such as myself.

Main differences are in the Alpha Lipoic Acid and minor differences in Policosanol.

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