Burn Fats and Lose Weight Fast Using the Only PAGG Stack with Na-R-ALA

Written on:August 22, 2011
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PAGG Stack has helped a lot of people achieved healthier and leaner bodies. This type of supplement works effectively by decomposing fats and building muscles. But PAGG Stack supplement makers are all claiming that their product is the most effective one in the market today. To help consumers choose the best one that will really deliver fast and effective results, it is advised that they take a look on the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid or R-ALA content of their desired PAGG product.


R-ALA is one of the two forms of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which is a molecule that boosts energy by speeding up a person’s fat decomposition and metabolism. Once ALA is degraded, R-ALA and S-ALA are produced. But a study showed that between the two forms, R-ALA is more potent compared to S-ALA, and the presence of the latter in the body may interfere with the effects of R-ALA. This is the reason why most fat and weight loss supplements do not include S-ALA as part of their ingredients.


According to Pareto Nutrition, maker of the only PAGG Stack supplement with Na-R-ALA, most people fail to achieve positive effects from using supplements with R-ALA content due to poor absorption. R-ALA degrades easily and loses it potent effects when expose to heat. Sodium ion helps stabilize its molecules and improves R-ALA’s solubility once inside the human body. As a result, PAGG Stack with Na-R-ALA is more effective when it comes to increasing the body’s metabolic activity and fat decomposition ability.

paggreviews pagg stack pareto nutrition

paggreviews pagg stack pareto nutrition

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