Health Spark VS Optimal Health Bridge

We will discuss here the differences between two PAGG Stack Supplement brands – the Health Spark PAGG Supplement and the Optimal Health Bridge PAGG Supplement. PAGG fat loss supplement stack are in demand today, especially among weight watchers and those who want to shape up their bodies. PAGG diet is a lifestyle modification of using four natural supplements; Policosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract and Garlic extract, which are proven to enhance fat loss and reduce weight.

In the book ‘4-Hour Workweek’ its author, Tim Ferris, discussed that the most effective way to shape up and lose weight is to use the right combination of fat-burning supplements. He mentioned that the PAGG stack is the most effective and safe combination to fight fat deposition and aid in fat loss. PAGG supplement stack offers a convenient and calibrated way to take such supplements without risks of over or under dosage. Tim Ferris mentioned that right dosage of PAGG diet supplement is very important for optimal fat loss. PAGG diet supplements ease the problem of self-formulating stacks by users, and ensure right and proper dosage.

These two PAGG diet supplements are widely touted as effective in shaping up the body in the manner of PAGG 4 hour body. But of course, one is better than the other. We will use pure science to determine which PAGG fat loss supplement stack is better for consumers. Even though they contain the same PAGG stack, subtle differences can determine which one is better than the other.


Health Spark Optimal Health Bridge
Policosanol 23 mg 20 mg
ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) 300 mg 200 mg
Green Tea Extract 325 mg EGCG 325 mg EGCG
Garlic Extract 200 mg 200 mg
Biotin 50 mcg 100 mcg
Cost per package $53.96(One month supply) $99.00(Lasts for two months)
(One bottle each of Day and Night Capsules)


PAGG Comparison

• Policosanol
This substance reacts with fat deposits in the blood vessels (plaques), making it more efficient and reducing risk of atherosclerosis. So how does it affect PAGG fat loss? It makes blood vessels more efficient in carrying oxygen, glucose, hormones and fat-ridding substances to help the body use its own fat as energy source.
Health Spark PAGG fat loss supplement has higher amount of Policosanol than Optimal Health Bridge.

ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant with many beneficial effects on the body, including weight loss. It also reacts with metabolism-enhancing vitamin B complex to use more fats for energy. It protects the liver, the main organ for fat metabolism and it lowers cholesterol and excessive sugar levels in the blood. It is very important in PAGG diet, because ALA protects the cells from effects of oxygen radicals that forms during accelerated cellular activity and respiration.

Again, Health Spark PAGG stack supplement has higher levels of ALA than Optimal Health Bridge’s PAGG stack.

• Green Tea Extract
A lot of people know that green tea helps reduce weight. So Tim Ferris incorporated it into PAGG lose weight diet supplements, along with active fat-burning compounds to further accelerate weight loss and improve lean muscle mass. The main antioxidant component of green tea is EGCG.
Both brands of PAGG Supplement stacks contain equal and recommended amounts of EGCG.

• Garlic Extract
Compounds in garlic have fat-reducing properties that can clear fat clogs in the arteries and enhance fat loss as well. It can also reduce high blood sugar levels which are implicated to cause cravings. Therefore it can increase the effectiveness of other fat burning substances.
Both brands of PAGG fat loss supplement have excellent amounts of garlic extract, without the garlicky smell.

• Biotin
Though not included in the PAGG stack acronym, Biotin is a great addition into any PAGG lose weight diet. It is an important factor in fat metabolism and energy production. It is found in low amounts in food, but there are few particular rich sources. But these sources are usually rich in calories and therefore avoided by persons trying to lose weight. Biotin is therefore included in PAGG fat loss supplements.
Optimal Health Bridge PAGG diet supplement has more biotin than Health Spark PAGG Stack.

In summary:
In PAGG comparison of contents, both PAGG stack supplements show some differences in their contents. Health Spark PAGG supplement stack has higher content of Policosanol and ALA, but has lower Biotin content than Optimal Health Bridge PAGG stack supplements.

Antioxidants like ALA and fat burning Policosanol work together by increasing conversion of fat into simple sugar, which is then used as fuel for the cells. These substances produce better effect working together than they would alone. It will help shape the body by increasing fat loss and muscle size to places like arms, shoulders and core. ALA and Policosanol is not found on food in amounts needed by the body, so its content on PAGG supplement stacks is very important.

In regard to the above view, the Health Spark is the superior PAGG supplement stack compared to Optimal Health Bridge in PAGG comparison of content. Its higher content of Policosanol and ALA makes it more effective in fat burning. Though Health Spark PAGG Stack has lower biotin, the vitamin can be found in foods such as egg yolk and liver, which is permitted as long as proper serving amounts are observed.

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  1. lyn says:

    Good product it will help me to shape my body and lose my fat, thanks for sharing this great product.

  2. Cherry says:

    I don’t think so if can boost protein.But green tea i believe that help reduce weights but of course need to motivate.I guess i should try PAGG STACK.sounds great!

  3. Garey says:

    Hi and thanks for reviewing our PAGG stack from Optimal Health Bridge. I would like to quote Tim Ferriss and help you to understanding why these subtle differences exist in our interpretation of Tim’s research.

    Policosanol range is 20 – 25 mg.
    We went with 10mg capsules as they are stocked this way and therefore less expensive. It’s an economic thing, so we use 20 mg per dose. Meets the need and for most people.

    Alpha lipoic acid: Tim gives the range of 100-300 mg per dose, and adds that many people wind up with acid reflux from taking 300 mgs at a time. We opted for 200 mgs in deference to those that may have problems with acid reflux.

    Garlic and Green Tea again these are the minimums Tim suggests.

    Thank you for the fair review.

    Garey 443-852-1000

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