How PAGG Works

To have a slim and smart body, people work hard by taking careful diet, extra workout and suppliments. Last option is the easiest one. You must choose that supplement which guarantees thegreat weight loss.

PAGG is,in fact, a combination of four supplements which are useful for getting a slim and smart body. PAGG includes Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic acid, Green tea extract and Garlic (P,A,G,G). Each ingredient has its own reputation for decreasing the extra fat. Policosanol works by lowering the cholesterol level in the body. It lowers the total and LDL cholesterol, and raises HDL Cholesterol. Alpha-Lipoic acid converts glucose to produce energy in the body and send this energy to muscles and liver rather than to increase the size of fat cells. This also works as an anti-oxidant, making the aging process slower.

Green tea flavinols do not allow the carbohydrates to store in fat cells, and trigger the fat cell to kill itself. Garlic extract is usually rich in Allicin compound which is responsible for less fat gain after a fat loss. So, all the four ingredients are involved in fat reduction, making them perfect as a weight loss supplement.

PAGG stack must be taken before meals and bed, so that it can work on your diet particles. It is better to take 4 pills of PAGG stack formula per day and six days a week. Don’t forget to take it on weekends as you cheat your diet plan on weekends. You can have a leave on extreme busy day when you are sure to neglect extra food.

The best way to use PAGG stack is mentioned in Tim Ferriss’ “Four Hour Body”, currently the most selling book on weight loss. Following those ideas can help you to fulfill your dream of a healthy and stunning body.

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