Is it true that Taking PAGG Stack and Not Eating Starchy Foods Help in Losing Body Fats?

Written on:August 29, 2011
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A lot of companies, like NewHealth Solutions and Health Spark, endorse and sell PAGG Stack supplements in order to decompose and reduce the percentage of body fats. This is according to the research and recommendation of best-selling author Timothy Ferris’s in his The 4-Hour Body book. He also stated how avoiding starchy foods, such as yams and quinoas, during the course of the diet will help speed up the fat burning process.


According to Ferriss, PAGG Stack helps burn fats by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. Together with a low-carbohydrate diet, which includes avoiding foods high in sugar and starch, PAGG Stack supplements will deliver fast and visible results in a fraction of time. Consumers will end up having leaner bodies, with more muscle mass and less body fats.


However, some people following the diet stated in The 4-Hour Body find it hard to stick in a “no starchy foods” regimen. This is why Ferriss recommended eating sweet potatoes, yams, and quinoas during “cheat days”. But he also believed that taking PAGG Stack and totally eliminating starch and carbohydrates in the diet may not be necessary for people who practice a healthy lifestyle. As long as they have the discipline and determination, they will lose unwanted body fats without any supplementation and too much diet restriction. pagg supplement newhealth solutions pagg supplement newhealth solutions

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