PAGG Stack – The Four Hour Body Supplement

The PAGG Stack: Safe, Effective, and Rapid Weight-Loss four hour body supplement article Losing 20lbs. in a month’s time is virtually impossible. That’s 1.5lbs. per day, and again, it’s just not possible especially if you have a very busy schedule– well at least it wasn’t, back then. Now, losing 20lbs. in 30 days is doable. Indeed, it is – and without the need for exercise. You can lose weight without your time for work, family, and rest having to suffer. The very concept just blows your mind; especially when you’ve been struggling with the weight loss process for quite some time now.


How is that even manageable, you ask? Tim Ferris, the revered author of the #1 New York Times and #1 Amazon best seller, “The 4-Hour Body” explains in detail the methodology towards liberating yourself from extra pounds. Tim Ferris is an authority when it comes to the human body, you see. In his best-selling book, not only does he talk about weight loss (via diet, exercise, and supplements), but also regarding sex (15-minute orgasms, anyone?) and sleep (instead of dozing off for 8 hours nightly, he suggests  that you take six 20-minute naps at certain intervals during the day), among other topics that pertain to health and becoming “superhuman”.


It’s a hell of a read, but the questions remain – does any of his claims have actual scientific basis? Does it work? Tim Ferris is no scientist, but he has literally invested himself in backing up his ideas. Since high school, the best-selling author has served as his very own guinea pig to put his concepts to test. Years and years of careful and number-crunching experimentation led to him coming up with the book and baring his discoveries to the entire world. Scientists, health experts, and athletes have examined and tried his work – and they abide by it, since Ferriss has backed up his claims with intensive studies. Hence, when he tells you that you can lose 20lbs. in 30 days, he isn’t joking by any means.


So, what is this “miracle cure” that can rid you of fat fast and without putting as much work as you’d expect? Tim Ferris introduces what he calls as the “PAGG Stack” in “The 4-Hour Body”. It’s a weight loss supplement that is actually composed of 4 supplements – Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract and Garlic – that when taken at specific times and doses, your weight-loss efforts will be significantly fast-tracked. Yes, it works rapidly; and it works wonders. It’s also perfectly safe because it’s all natural, unlike most other “effective” weight loss supplements that give you a slimmer body at the expense of harmful side-effects.


Each of the 4 elements is referred to by Tim Ferriss in his book as a ‘body hack’. By ‘body hack’, the renowned nutrition expert and author suggests that the 4 elements induces the human body to react in a certain manner. In this case, each supplement in the PAGG stack individually causes the body to shed fat and put an end to building more. But when taken in unison, the 4 supplements function as a cohesive unit; every one of them works better when put side-by-side with the rest of the PAGG ‘team’. They amplify each other’s effects; consequently, enabling a much more rapid weight-loss process in your body. Here’s a rundown of the individual effects of each of the PAGG stack supplements:


  • Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) – It works its magic in a plethora of ways, but its chief role in your weight-loss efforts is its facilitation of where the carbohydrates you intake goes. Tim Ferriss sums up this essential component with this: “ALA helps you store the carbohydrates you eat in your muscle or in your liver as opposed to in fat cells. “


  • Green Tea Flavanols – It’s similar in fashion as the ALA, but Green Tea Flavanols also spur the elimination of useless fat cells, making it crucial to the weight-loss process. Ferriss comments on these as “super cool and important”.


  • Garlic Extract (aged) – You’ve probably heard of garlic’s numerous health-augmenting properties. One of its most remarkable benefits is that it stops fat-gain in its tracks and makes it difficult for them to regenerate. Its nicknames such as “super food” and “nature’s antibiotic” are without a doubt well-deserved.


  • Policonasol – This element is more of an ‘X-Factor. It’s a fatty alcohol extract from plant waxes, usually from sugar cane or bees wax and wheat germ. Based on Tim Ferriss’ in-depth analysis, the inclusion of Policonasol in the PAGG stack resulted in the loss of more fat. It has blood-thinning effects though that isn’t recommended for pregnant/breast-feeding women, children, and those who have pre-existing medical conditions.

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Tim Ferriss came up with the PAGG stack in “The 4-Hour Body” to replace what was known as the ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin) stack. The ECA stack provided weight loss to its users, but they also were at the mercy of its side effects. He re-worked the formula of effective weight loss WITHOUT the side effects; therefore the PAGG stack came to fruition.


So if you’re looking for an EFFECTIVE and SAFE weight-loss supplement that can burn fat rapidly like no other, there is really only one option – the PAGG stack. Many can vouch for it; it’s why Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Body” is a #1 bestseller. With its correct usage, you’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.



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