Comparison of 3 PAGG stack manufacturers

We have heard a lot of wonderful news about PAGG stacks. The reason is simple, PAGG stack supplements are really effective in shaping up a chiselled body while decreasing excessive fat deposits. By using PAGG, fat loss is enhanced by the synergistic actions of Policosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Green Tea and Garlic extract. PAGG supplement stacks are the real deal when it comes to weight loss and body shaping. By using PAGG, lose weight and at the same time increase lean muscle mass in quick and efficient way.

There are many PAGG fat loss supplement stacks in the market today. Almost all of them are labelled as PAGG stacks, but they are not made equal; one of them is better than others in terms of weight loss and muscle buildup effect. In this PAGG comparison, we will feature three brands; Pareto Nutrition PAGG fat loss supplement, New Health PAGG Fat Loss Stack and Optimal Health PAGG diet supplement.

These brands are widely advertised as the best body shaping supplements consumers will ever need. But we will look to these claims in a scientific way, bringing them all in an equal light to see which PAGG diet supplement is the best. Let us take a look on their PAGG stack content and quality and see which the better one in PAGG diet is.

The PAGG Comparison of each brand. Each pill contains:

Pareto Nutrition New Health Optimal Health
Policosanol 23 mg 25 mg 20 mg
ALA 50-150 mg R-ALA * 300 mg ALA 200 mg ALA
Green Tea extract 542 mg * 325 mg (EGCG) 325 mg (EGCG)
Garlic extract 200 mg (Aged) 200 mg (Aged) 200 mg
Biotin 100 mcg 100 mcg 100 mcg
Cost per package $92 $60 $99
Day bottle has 78 capsules 120 tablets 384 capsules
Night bottle has 26 capsules 30 tablets 96 capsules
Quantity (One month) (One month) (Two months for day capsules and 1 and 1/2month for night capsules)


Pareto Nutrition PAGG Fat loss Supplement
The Pareto Nutrition PAGG Fat loss Supplement features having a PAGG Stack in convenient single pills which other brands also feature. It has decent amount of Policosanol, Green tea, Garlic and Biotin. But taking a look in its ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) content, the amount looks vague. Even if not classified as medicine, such PAGG stack supplements must feature accurate amount with lowest error as possible. The ALA content of Pareto Nutrition PAGG stack supplement ranges from 50-150 mg. Each pill might contain 55 mg; the other might have 100 mg, and so on with the inconsistency. The brand also has only R-ALA, and that is seen as inferior compared to other brands that contains both R and S ALA. ALA is a very powerful antioxidant that exists in two forms, which must work with one another to produce good effect. A person takes one day pill 4 times a day and one night pill before going for a night sleep.

The PAGG supplement stack made by Pareto Nutrition has discrepancies in its ALA content. This can result to adverse or even absence of reaction with green tea and garlic extracts. To prevent damage na-R-ALA update to 215mg.

New Health PAGG fat loss supplement
The New Health PAGG fat loss supplement features have the highest amount of Policosanol (25 mg) and ALA (300 mg of both S and R ALA). Its labels also feature 325mg of pure EGCG, the main antioxidant in green tea extract. Its garlic extract and biotin content is good as well. A person takes one day pill 4 times a day and one night pill before going for a night sleep.
The only thing that warrants concern is its price per bottle. The price of New Health PAGG fat loss supplement is too cheap compared to other brands, which is somewhat suspicious. Supplements are not as strictly tested compared to drugs, but it does not mean that the quality of supplements must be compromised. New Health PAGG diet supplement may not contain the actual PAGG stack content as labeled.

Optimal Health PAGG Diet Supplement
The Optimal Health PAGG diet supplement contains 20 mg of Policosanol, 200 mg ALA (both R and S), 325 mg EGCG, 200 mg Garlic extract and 100 mcg Biotin per capsules. It may be least, for a good reason. The serving size of Optimal Health PAGG diet supplement is two day capsules before each meal and two night capsules at night. So you have 40 mg Policosanol, 400 mg premium ALA, and 650 mg of EGCG antioxidant, 400 mg odourless garlic extract and 200 mcg of energy-unlocking Biotin. Packing them all in once capsule is impossible, and therefore it is divided into two capsules. That’s the real deal for individuals who are on the PAGG lose weight body shape up regimen.

• Summary
Though the featured brands are good PAGG fat loss supplements, the Optimal Health PAGG diet supplement is obviously the best choice in terms of PAGG comparison of content and cost per package. It is the only brand that features premium quality within reasonable cost, in a more convenient two-month supply bottle.
Pareto Nutrition PAGG Stack Supplement is too expensive with too few pills per package, and that is very unfair to consumers. New Health PAGG Fat LossSupplement has suspicious price per bottle and if it does have inferior quality, users will experience waste of time, money and hope.

Users get the best from their money. One must note that although Optimal Health PAGG diet supplement costs more than the two previous brands, each package contains 384 capsule day bottle and a 96 capsule night bottle. Following the recommended intake, a person will use 360 day capsules in two months and he will still be left with 24 capsules. So each month will only cost $49.50 which is obviously cheaper without disregard to quality.
So the best PAGG stack supplement of the three is the one made by Optimal Health. Optimal Health PAGG diet supplement stack package is recommended for individuals who need to seriously lose weight. Each two capsules contains the most quantity of PAGG fat-loss inducing compounds for accelerated weight loss and enhancement of lean body mass for a muscle-bound body without the fat.

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