Testimony: How PAGG has helped a Mother Succeed in Her Journey to Lose Weight

Written on:September 26, 2011
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Heather, a mother from Wyoming, has always been fat even before she had her children. She stands 5’7” tall and used to be around 228 pounds before she discovered the PAGG Stack. According to her, she has numerous ways just to lose weight. But whenever she feels like she’s not seeing any result, she’ll start to lose her motivation and again gain back the pounds she had already lost.


But when she discovered the PAGG Stack, everything has changed. She was hesitant at first, but since it has many positive feedbacks from real customers who have actually saw results from using PAGG, she decided to get her very own from NewHealth Solutions. Aside from PAGG, Heather also started to modify her diet. She made better food choices by incorporating a lot of vegetables in her meal during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since she loves to eat fruits, she still consumes some of them but in limited amounts. She also avoids consuming dairy products. To make it easier for her to monitor what she eats, Heather keeps a journal where she writes the foods she consumes every day.


Aside from being a martial artist, Heather keeps an active lifestyle by walking and jogging 3 to 6 times in a week. Currently, she weighs around 190 pounds and her weight keeps on dropping every week. Heather cannot thank PAGG and NewHealth Solutions enough for the wonderful results. She said that her journey to lose weight has never been this easy, safe, and successful compared before. pagg supplement newhealth solutions pagg supplement newhealth solutions

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