The Best Value for Money PAGG Stack

Written on:January 16, 2013
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Recently there has been massive buzz surrounding the newest miracle to hit the weight loss arena, the PAGG stack. The PAGG stack has been making rounds around the world as the closest thing legally available to the now banned ECA combination, without many of the possible negative effects on health.

What To Look For in A Great PAGG Stack

So what should you look for when seeking out the ultimate PAGG stack? It’s simple actually, if you know what’s important to you.

For starters, one of the most influential factors when buying anything is the cost; after all, nothing good ever came cheap right? Or does it now? Actually, yes you can find something like that, with a cost per serving rivaling the cheapest and still being able to compete with “overpriced brand names”.

Second, is the response of actual users to the product; if most of the people taking it think it’s crap, it probably is. To this end, a lot of positive reviews mean that the product is delivering what it promised, or is at a minimum contributing to change in that person’s body. Scrutinize the ingredients of your PAGG supplement of choice, ensure potency is high, and if possible, demand it be in the form of capsules for added bioavailability, and uses the phenomenal Na-R-ALA, a super potent form of ALA contained only in the best of the best.

The Best Overall PAGG Stack (Value for Money)

My overall pick for Best Value for Money PAGG stack?

And the winner is…….. The Pareto Nutrition PAGG Stack !!!!!

This product brings all the considerations together in one package, and know my favorite part? Only 4 pills need to be taken per day, compared to between 16 and 20 for other leading brands. Hands down, you could not require anything more from a weight loss product with tested safety and efficacy.

Pareto Nutrition

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