Tim Ferriss and PAGG Stack

The PAGG Stack is first mentioned in the “4-Hour Body” book, written by Tim Ferriss, author of best-selling “4 Hour Work Week”.

Timothy Ferris is new era trend setter for health and fitness. His approach to decrease body fat is getting highest rate of public attention. In fact, Tim Ferriss is an author and blogger but his ideas made him more than a health professional. His masterpiece “Four Hour Body” describes all untraditional ways to maintain your body.

“The 4-Hour Body” guides reader through methods and techniques towards not just improving ourselves by looking and feeling good, but how to become a ‘superhuman’.

Manufacturer tailor-made PAGG Stack from Tim Ferriss’ description.

As far as diet is concerned, he appreciated to avoid the use of white carb diets like rice, cereals, white bread, potatoes, pasta, tortillas and fried food with bun. But you can eat cottage cheese as it lowers the fat storage. Red wine must be preferred to other soft drinks. Best way to utilize your calories is to intake less calories. Take small meal over and over again. Try to ignore the cravings you feel during starvation.

On the other hand, easier way to enhance the metabolism is to use diet supplements. Tim emphasized on four natural extracts which are helpful in minimizing the body fats. These are famous PAGG supplements. Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green tea leaves and Garlic extracts. Each one has specific functions to inhibit fat storage.

Tim Ferriss stand by his work because he was his very own guinea pig for more than a decade.

Read a real testimony on the PAGG Stack.

He experimented and perfected his methodology by testing it on himself. Ferriss is no scientist by any means; but via his extensive studies and experimentation, he has gained the approval of some of the industry’s experts –from scientists to doctors to athletes.

An amazing practice included in the legendary “Four Hour Body” book, i.e. ice bath. According to him, cold bath help to utilize more calories and body glucose and fats are readily consumed. Critics are regularly taunting the great work of Tim Ferriss but even then, his popularity is increasing due to that fact that readers of that book are giving positive feedback. This made “Four Hour Body” the most selling book now a days. You will find in this book, extraordinary fat loss techniques but their effectiveness is guaranteed by the author and proved by the customers.

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